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As your business grows, so does your IT environment. You need solutions that help you reduce the complexity of your technology infrastructures.

SSI offers solutions that help you better respond to changing market conditions, drive business growth, and maintain the high service levels your business requires.

SSI’s consolidation services enable your organization to build and manage flexible adaptive infrastructure.

  • Server Consolidation

    Eliminate the complexity of your server environment by consolidating your operations onto fewer servers

  • Storage Consolidation

    Improve operational efficiencies by simplifying and standardizing on networked storage

  • Database Consolidation

    Achieve business information optimization by reducing the number of redundant or maintenance-intensive databases

  • Application Consolidation

    Reduce maintenance costs and improve performance by consolidating multiple applications and application instances

  • IT Management Consolidation

    Improve service levels and better manage dynamic workloads by implementing intelligent management capabilities